1. Offers confidential comprehensive support to victims of domestic violence and their children
2. Offers free socio-psychological support, legal and court representation
3. Has two safe houses for women and their children

4. 24/7 hot line +374 99 88 78
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1. Dealing with the problem of domestic violence against women
2. Providing women survivors with psychological and legal consulting and
protection in the Court

3. Raising their awareness on domestic violence issue
4. Hot line: 010 54 28 28
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1. WRCA is a feminist human rights organization with a vision to establish equality and self-determination of women in Armenian society and to eradicate limitations and pressures of all kind women are subjected to within the existing patriarchal societal order.

2. WRC’s main goal is to give women the necessary tools and empower them to
become active citizens of Armenian society, through education and support as
well as to advocate for gender equality.
3. The organization works in the area sexual and reproductive health and rights, combat gender based violence and discrimination, women’s empowerment as well as increasing the role of women in conflict resolution and peace building․
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1. SACC was working with women who were sexually abused․ however․
2. SACC provides psychological and legal counseling

3. Hotline +374 77 99 12 80.
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1. Provides gender education to various social and age groups throughoutnon-
formal education; workshops and training sessions

2. Advocates for the establishment of gender-sensitive educational system in formal education
3. Conducts researches in the sphere of human rights to reveal the gender matters and propose recommendations to policy-makers.
4. Public activism to raise awareness on gender matters
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1. Human rights protection of LGBT people․
2. Providing the full package of services to LGBT people and their family members․
3. Legal support (hotline: 099 522 533),

4. Psychological and social worker counseling (hotline: 096 280 290),
5. Peer-to-peer counseling (hotline: 096 280 290)
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1. Empowering women with disabilities, developing leadership skills, vocational education

2. Sexual and reproductive health education of women with disabilities
3. Promoting the rights of persons with disabilities to education, independent living, employment and political participation.
4. Advocate the development, adoption and enforcement of inclusive, gender-
sensitive and human rights-based legislation and policies in Armenia.
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1. Provision of care and support services to people living with HIV (PLHIV) and their family members

2. Social-psychological support, legal counseling , peer-to-peer counseling). Hot line 098 66 33 83
3. Providing legal counseling and support to health care providers and patients who need palliative care and effective pain relief. Hot line 094 422922
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1. Provide free legal consultation to all citizens
2. Free psychological consultation and support to women and children

3. We conduct trainings for raising legal awareness
4. We organize city events and campaigns
5. We have “Women’s club” for women and girls
6. Hotline 099252017
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