Mission, Vision and Values


On October 1st, 2010 in the result of severe beatings 20-year-old Zaruhi Petrosyan died. Of course, Zaruhi’s case was not the only one, but it was  fatal,  as it contributed to raising the phenomenon of domestic violence, illustration of  DV cases hidden in our society  by  mass media , awareness raising  for the citizens of the phenomenon  of domestic violence. After the incident, 7 companies merged and formed “The  Coalition to stop Violence against Women,” which called for a fair trial and prevention of  such cases and the adoption of  the  preventive legislation of  domestic  violence. Although the phenomenon of domestic violence remains one of the key issues in the country, however, is not regulated by law. In 2013, the National Assembly rejected the “preventive legislation of DV ” that could change the situation and  prevent the final breakdown of many families.


Creating a society where there is true equality, not discrimination and violence.


  • Equality, solidarity, social justice.
  • Non-discrimination, tolerance towards all groups of society
  • Propagation of human rights and democratic values.
  • Formation and promotion of civil society without violence.