annual Newsletter

January-December 2019

Since 2010, the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women acts as a platform for joint advocacy of several local non-governmental organizations in their fight against violence against women in Armenia. Throughout these years, we united our efforts to push for legislative amendments, policy changes, nation-wide awareness raising and campaigning.

This report summarizes the main activities and events that have been undertaken by the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women in 2019.

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Biannual Newsletter

January-June 2019

Gender-based discrimination against women, the violations of women’s rights continue to be widespread in Armenia. This is primarily because the negatives stereotypes about women have not yet been overcome. On the other hand, the state has not pursued a unified state policy on overcoming the negative stereotypes, preventing all forms of gender-based discrimination against women, preventing the violations of women’s rights and providing adequate protection. In the first semester of 2019, many politicians in their speeches marked the importance of increasing women’s involvement and active participation in the political life and governance system of Armenia, however, one can hardly notice significant changes in practice.

The report indicates the main activities that have been undertaken by the Coalition from the period of January – June 2019 according to its strategic directions.

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