The national conference “Prevention of gender-based violence in Armenia” was organized within the framework of the 2020-2022 EU-financed project entitled “Women human rights defenders stepping up against gender-based violence in Armenia”.

The conference took place on November 29, 2022, in Yerevan, Armenia. More than 100 participants from the Republic of Armenia came together to discuss the existing challenges and leg犀利士
al gaps impacting victims of gender-based violence, including marginalized women, as well as the successes to date and steps forward in preventing and combating gender-based violence.

Conference speakers included the European Union Ambassador, RA Human Rights Defender, Members of Parliament, deputy ministers, criminal justice department heads, chief specialists at various ministries, and other state representatives as well as civil society representatives representing various marginalized groups across Armenia.

This conference reports aims to present the various speakers’ speeches during the conference and summarize discussions and recommendations. The report is prepared in the spirit of the conference, echoing the call to action repeated by many actors, namely that representatives of the state and civil society stand ready to collaborate and carry out large-scale efforts to prevent and address gender-based violence.