Terms of Reference  Court monitoring of domestic violence cases

Employer The Coalition to Stop Violence against Women
Project title “Women human rights defenders stepping up against gender based violence in Armenia”
Project funded by The European Union
The goal of the monitoring To implement comprehensive court monitoring of domestic violence cases
Duration of the research June, 2021 – July, 2022
Deadline for the submissions May 24, 2021
Estimated budget: 6000 EUR equivalent in AMD

 About The Coalition to Stop Violence against Women

The Coalition to Stop Violence against Women’s mission is to contribute to the reduction of gender-based violence against women and girls through strengthening prevention and protection mechanisms. Until now, the Coalition has responded to numerous cases of violence against women and raised public awareness of the systemic phenomenon of domestic violence. As a result of years of advocacy work by the Coalition, in 2017 the law on prevention of domestic violence and protection of victims of domestic violence was adopted.

Project Description

The “Women human rights defenders stepping up against gender-based violence in Armenia” project (2020-2022) is being implemented by the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women with the financial support of the European Union․

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the elimination of violence against women in Armenia.

The specific objectives of the initiative are the following:

  1. The state adopts necessary laws, policies and mechanisms to prevent and protect women from violence and has greater capacities to provide an effective, sensitive and multi-sectoral response to domestic and gender based violence;
  2. The awareness of women, civil society organizations and the public at large is increased around the prevalence of gender based violence and existing protection mechanisms.

Presentation of the monitoring objectives

The Coalition to Stop Violence against Women is planning to implement a comprehensive court monitoring of domestic violence cases.

Within the framework of the research it is necessary to:

  • Monitor selected domestic violence court cases according to the pre-designed criteria in terms of gender sensitivity and application of the domestic violence law
  • Provide recommendations to stakeholders for improving the field
  • Develop a comprehensive report based on work done and submit it to relevant bodies.

 Required qualifications and skills

  • A Master’s degree in Law, Human rights or any other related fields
  • Experience in conducting research and monitoring activities
  • At least 3 years of working experience in the sphere of human rights
  • Analytical and research skills and abilities
  • Excellent knowledge of Armenian, good knowledge of English is encouraged
  • Great communication skills with diverse institutions
  • Skills in working individually and in a team
  • Ability and willingness to flexible and productive work
  • Knowledge on issues related to women’s rights and gender based violence in Armenia

Application procedure

Please send us your CV, examples of the conducted research or reports and contact details of 2 referees to [email protected] email address. Please indicate “Court monitoring ToR application” in the subject line of your letter.

Both individuals and organizations are welcome to apply. Organizations should send the examples of conducted monitoring or research, booklet of the organization and contact details of two persons well acquainted with the activities of the organization.

The deadline for submissions is May 24, 2021. Late submissions will not be reviewed. Due to the high number of applications, we will contact only applicants who will proceed to the interview stage.