The Women’s Support Center expresses its concern and draws the attention of law enforcement agencies, the Human Rights Defender and the media to the case of threats and personal insults against the center’s lawyer and other employees by a person who has used domestic violence.
In particular, on 7th of July 2020, the court session on the civil case number ԵԴ/21929/02/19 took place in the “Ajapnyak” residence of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan, after which the abusive husband (who, by the way, was a police officer, and is currently registered as a criminal) showed markedly aggressive behavior, insulted, threatened the center’s lawyer and other employees.
Such situations are extremely dangerous and pose a real threat to the activities of human rights organizations and lawyers, who are often targeted, subjected to various attacks and pressure by abusive husbands.
More problematic is the fact that in such cases the law does not provide protection and security measures for employees of institutions, as well as the application of responsibility to abusive persons. Moreover, there are no legal mechanisms for obligatory medical examination of a person who has committed domestic violence and restricting the realization of parental rights.
At the same time, taking under the consideration the importance of raising high legal awareness about cases of domestic violence and providing public awareness, we are offering interested parties and media representatives to participate and to cover the process of the mentioned court case. The next court hearing will take place on July 9 at 17:20 in the “Ajapnyak” residence of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan.