On this day, women of all over the world regardless their nationalities, ethnic and religious, language and culture differences as well as theirpolitical views, are united in the celebration of International Day of Women, that throughout last nine decades have been struggling for equality, justice and peace. International Women’s Day begins its history from the early 1900s, when the industrial world was facing new phase of economic development, social changes, when there was marked a substantial increase of population, and the first sprouts of a radical ideologies started to show up. In 1908, pressure and severe gender inequality against women in various spheres of life in the US generated a wave of discontent among working women making them more determined in struggling fortheir rights and against gender-based violence and discrimination, for gender equality and for the right to be heard, as well as for active role in social and political life.. In 1908, about 15,000 women were marching through the streets of New York demanding the reduction of working hours, wage required for a decent living, and the most important – the right to vote. In the Western world, International Women’s Day is being celebrated as a national event` since 1977, when the United Nations General Assembly declared March 8 as a day for women’s rights and world peace. It should be noted that the United Nations Charter signed in 1945 is the first internationally recognized agreement, which also covers gender equality by declaring it as a fundamental human right.